Frequently Asked Questions

Survey Creation
Q: How do I make an effective survey?

Effective surveys produce valid and reliable data.  Read more about how validity and reliability are built in a survey and what you can do to improve yours.

Q: Why do you have surveys broken up into parts?

To increase flexibility, we have divided surveys into multiple parts. You will likely increase the validity and reliability with shorter surveys. Our surveys measure a smaller number of factors allowing you to add a few questions without risking making the survey too long.

Q: Why are questions locked?

Locked survey questions may not be edited. We lock these questions because they have been tested and are reliable indicators of what is being measured. Edited, untested questions may not meet this standard. Custom questions may be added to this survey. You may also decide to create a new survey.

Q: What are Likert questions?
The Likert scale measures attitudes by asking people to respond to a series of statements about a topic, in terms of the extent to which they agree with them. The Likert scale measures the strength/intensity of experience as a linear continuum from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The Likert scale is widely used and accepted in educational research.
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